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How to set up your NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor to stream raw acceleration data to Ubidots
How to set up your NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor to stream raw acceleration data to Ubidots

Configure an NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance sensor to output Raw data

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Wireless Predictive Maintenance PLUS Sensor

In this article you’ll learn how to setup your NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor so that it can send the Raw data that is required by our FFT Plugin.


Table of contents

1. Hardware setup

Gateway: We will be using an IoT Edge Computer to both configure the Predictive Maintenance sensor and receive data from it. For that we will need the IoT Edge computer to be fully setup and connected to the Network (WiFi or Ethernet), please view this guide for more information on that.

Sensor: Connect the Vibration probe to the Predictive Maintenance sensor. The sensor is shipped switched off, so the next step is to flip the internal power switch to the “PS/ON” position.

2. Node-RED library update

To configure the sensor to send data in Raw mode, first it’s necessary to have the latest NCD’s library for wireless sensors in Node-RED. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On any browser type in or the IP address shown in the IoT Edge Computer's screen, this will open NCD’s User Interface (UI)

  2. Click on the Terminal tab of the UI

  3. Login using root as the username and ncdio as the password.

  4. One by one, type in the following commands:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install ncd-red-wireless

Once the installation is complete and the device has rebooted, then we can configure the Predictive Maintenance sensor.

3. Sensor configuration

From the NCD’s User Interface, click on the Node RED tab, then:

  1. Insert a Wireless Gateway node

  2. Select /dev/ttyS1 (115200) for the serial device

  3. Connect the output of the Wireless Gateway node with a Debug node and deploy

  4. Press the Reset button located inside the Predictive Maintenance sensor.
    This should show a new message received within the debug panel. The message should contain the sensor’s data and it’s address (addr) should match the MAC address shown in sticker at the side of the sensor.

Once we are certain that the IoT Edge computer can receive successfully the messages from the sensor, we may now configure it to send data in Raw mode.

  1. Insert a Wireless Device Node

  2. Set the Serial Device and Serial Device for Config to /dev/ttyS1 (115200)

  3. Copy and paste the Mac Address from the Predictive Maintenance sensor

  4. Set the Sensor Type to “Condition Based/Predictive Maintenance Sensor”

  5. Check the Auto Config box

  6. Set the Mode to “Raw”

  7. Configure other properties, such as the Output Rate, and/or Sampling Interval

  8. Click on Done

  9. Add a debug node to the output of the Wireless Device node and deploy

If you press again the Reset button inside the sensor, you should be able to get a reading directly from the sensor (it will not yet send the data in Raw mode, because the new changes must be configured in the sensor).

Finally, to configure the sensor:

  1. Click on the Square at the left side of the Wireless Gateway node, this will put it into Config mode

  2. Press and release the Reset button and immediately press and hold the CFG button for approximately 6 seconds. This will force the update of the changes in the sensor.

  3. Once the Configuration is Acknowledged, then click on the Square at the left of the Wireless Gateway (it will go back to ready), then hit the Reset button in the sensor.

  4. You should now get a message with the Raw data of the sensor.

Now that the Predictive Maintenance sensor is configured to send Raw data to Ubidots, you may now create the plugin so that the data is received at Ubidots. Please check our FFT Plugin article here.

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