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Decimal point settings
Decimal point settings
How to adjust the number of decimal points shown in Ubidots dashboards.
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Sometime when working with exact data it is desirable to see numbers and figures represented by 4 and sometimes even 8 decimal places. If this seems like too much or too little for your application's visuals, you may simply change the number of represented decimal places quickly from the "My Profile" settings found in the user drop-down located in the top-right of all Ubidots Admin accounts. 

How to change the number of Decimal places: 

1) Select "My Profile" from the user drop-down:

2) Input the number of "Decimal Places" you would like to visualize for your Apps deployment:

Before - 8 Decimal places:

After - 2 Decimal places: 

For additional insights to a user's My Profile settings, don't forget to check out: 

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