Innovation is Education and Ubidots has dedicated a entire platform to providing the tools and resources to empower thousands a place to develop, explore, and innovate new hardware, software, and cloud solutions. 

The precursor to Ubidots, Ubidots for Education is an IoT application enablement platform that gives users the tools to learn and make an impact, be it big or small.

Rather than retire the first generation of Ubidots IoT Application platform, we repurposed it with the title "Ubidots for Education," made sure it is affordable with the first device being free - always, and gave everyone 5,000 credits to see projects of multiple devices grow and inspire for the first few months of activity.

Upon writing this article Ubidots for Education powers over 25,000 students and IoT innovator applications who are exploring and developing different technologies and solutions, expanding the global knowledge of cloud connected solutions and the potential value the IoT in our lives.

In line with our guiding principles, Ubidots regularly supports hackathons, community events, workshops, conferences, and more to spread the availability and accessibility of the Internet of Things, turning theoretical ideas into practical applications.

If you attended on of Ubidots sponsored events and received a coupon code, follow these short steps to apply your free credits and continue your applications' development. 

Entering a Coupon Code

Step 1: Select "My Profile"

From your Ubidots for Education account, select "My Profile" from the user drop down in the upper right-hand corner. 

Step 2: Select "Billing"
Step 3: Select "Add promo code"

Step 4: Add the code and verify the addition

Get done faster:
Click this link to go directly to the your billing page and apply the coupon code in no time:

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