When you start scaling your IoT initiative, things can get messy from all the testing. If you want to delete some of the information from your dashboard, follow the below steps. 

How to delete a Device? 

Go to and hover the device you want to delete. You will see two icons in the bottom right: one for assigning this device to an organization, the second, a trashcan icon for deleting a device. If you wish to delete the device, select the trashcan and confirm.

How to delete a Variable?

If you wish to delete a variable, select and open the device to view all actionable variables. Then hover over the variable to select the trashcan in the bottom right and confirm:

How to delete a set of a variable's data? 

Note: this feature is only available for Ubidots users. Ubidots for Education users can only delete the latest 500 readings for each period of time chosen. 

If you wish to delete a set of a variable's data, select the device you wish to work with to display all actionable variables. Then click the date in the top center of the display for a drop down of recent and custom time ranges.

Next, with the range of data you wish to delete, click the sprocket icon in the variable's menu and choose "Delete values", and accept:

How to delete a single data reading of a variable?

If you wish to erase one or a few individual data readings, scroll down in your variable's data and click the trashcan icon to remove any individual data points.

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