Are you interested to know the current position of your devices? For example, logistics companies find it extremely useful to know where they trucks are in order to estimate arrival time. Additionally, by tracking a vehicle's movements, alternative routes can be designed to optimize fuel consumption and speed in future endeavors.

Create a Map Widget
After logging into your Ubidots for Education or Ubidots for Business account, select the appropriate dashboard to be working in and click the "plus" icon in the top right to create a new widget.

You can opt to create a GPS Trace, generic location Map, or a frequency Heat map, both widgets are created in the same way. See below for examples of each. Please note, Heat maps is only available for Ubidots for Business users. 

Next, select the correct a device and variable for displaying: 

*Please note that you must use or create a variable called "position" to let Ubidots read your devices location data. See here for additional resources to sending a device's latitude and longitude in the context.


GPS Trace

Pro Tip: Instead of using Google Maps, which is the default maps service used by Ubidots, you might like try other services like Mapbox. If you want to give a try, check out this tutorial to learn to write into Ubidots HTML Canvas. 

Heat maps 

This feature is only available to Ubidots for Business users in the Industrial license plan. Please contact your Ubidots sales representative if you'd like to learn more.

Ubidots for Business users are allowed to create heat maps to visualize movements and frequency in a certain area. See here for additional resources on heat maps and customization


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