Ubidots provides multiple forms data visualization, one of the most popular is Table Widgets.

Tables comprise of rows and columns and are great for:

  • Comparing a wide set of values
  • Showing to each member of a diverse audience their specific data
  • Displaying different units of measure, that might not otherwise be understood with a bar or pie chart.
  • Providing precision data interpretation 

Visualize a table widget in real time. 

How to Create a Table Widget

After logging into your Ubidots for Education or Ubidots account, select the appropriate dashboard to be working in and click the "plus" icon in the top right to create a new widget.

Choose the type of table of your preference and the variables you want to visualize. 

  • Last Values tables will display the last reading of a variable - with the specific date and time. Please note that Current Value and Last Value are the same within Ubidots.
  • Historical tables provide a list of most recent readings recorded.

Pro Tip: you can display more data recordings by dragging the widget down in the bottom right corner of the finished widget in your Ubidots dashboard. 

See a table widget demo in real time. 

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