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Devices: How to Replace a Device
Devices: How to Replace a Device

Preserve data continuity when replacing your physical devices.

Written by Sergio M
Updated over a week ago

If you have to replace one of your physical devices, but want to keep receiving the data in the same Ubidots device, follow these steps.


How to replace physical devices without changing the Ubidots device

  1. Find the unique ID of your new physical device (a string that ranges from 12 to 17 characters and is known as IMEI, dev EUI, or MAC address, among others) and copy it. In our example it will be 2CF4F1B042360213.

  2. On Ubidots, go to “Devices” → “Devices”.

  3. Once in the general Devices view, click on your old device (the one whose data continuity you want to preserve).

  4. Locate the “API label” field on the view of your device and replace whatever text is there with the unique ID of the device (the one you copied in the first step).

That’s it! Once you finish configuring your new physical device, its data should arrive into the variables of your old Ubidots device and, thus, preserve data continuity.

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