What is a Function?

A "Function" is a Node.js parser that executes in Ubidots cloud when an GET or POST HTTPS request is made to the Function's URL:

To activate the UbiFunction add-on ($29/month) in your Ubidots account, simply follow these below 4 steps.

Activate UbiFunction Add-on

Step 1:
Select "My Profile" from the user dropdown located in the top-right of your Admin App.

Step 2: Select "Billing" from the left-hand navigation panel. 

Step 3: Select the "UbiFunction" within the add-on section of your Ubidots account.   

Step 4: Click "Update Plan" to save your upgrade and activate UbiFunctions. 

Once complete and your account upgraded with the UbiFunctions add-on, you will be find the Functions section in the Admin account under "Devices" in the main Navbar.

Deactivate UbiFunction Add-on

If you wish to de-activate UbiFunctions in an account, you need only repeat the above steps making sure that in Step 3 you deselect the UbiFunctions add-on. 

UbiFunctions Add-on Billing Expectations:

Billed at a flat rate of $29 per month

  • Includes 100,000 executions
  • Each execution is a max of 5 seconds
  • If an execution surpasses 5 seconds, it is counted as 2 executions, or more
  • Every additional 100,000 executions cost $3/month

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