What is an embed code?
The "embed code" is a block of HTML placed within a page's source and creates an object on a webpage in doing so. With Ubidots, you can easily embed your dashboard into another website's source code. Just add the snippet from your dashboard's "share" settings to another website's HTML source code and you're all set.

Snippet: brief extract of code

HTML: one of the most basic languages used on the web and is used to design and lay out most web pages. 

Where I can find the "snippet"?

Go to the Dashboard section into your Ubidots account, and select the "share" icon below:

As you can see the following window provides you the "Embed", just add the snippet provided another website's HTML source code to display your dashboard with ease. Also available is the "Public link" for quick end user access.

For a better understanding, we have used embedded code to display our volume control dashboard:

1. The standard Ubidots dashboard shared via link:

2. Ubidots dashboard embedded into another website. Check out Build a Tank Volume Reader in Under $30 using ESP32 to visualize the same dashboard embedded into our blog tutorial. 

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