The mc-Dongle allows Over-The-Air programming of mc-Module devices.

It is required for updating the firmware on your mc-Modules and the mc-Gateway. These firmware updates provide increased functionality and are used to keep your platform up to date.

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing a mc-Module, ensure you have the mc-Gateway and the mc-Dongle. All three products in tandem work to create the mcThings platform.


  • mc-OTA.
  • mc-Dongle.
  • A mc-Device (mc-Gateway, mc-Modules…).
  • Micro-USB cable.


 Go to the following link and check the specific step by step how to start with your mc-Dongle.

If you’re a visual learning you can watch this video tutorial.

1.- Donwload and install mc-OTA.

2.- Download the lastest version of the firmware images from the download pages.

3.- Plug the mc-Dongle into a USB port. Wait until the USB driver installation is done.

 Windows should automatically detect and install the appropriate drivers. If not, download the correct drivers here

4.- Launch mc-OTA updater. The software automatically searches for the mcDongle-Bootloader device. If the mcDongle-Bootloader device is found, it will say “Ready”. If the mcDongle-Bootloader is not found, it will say “No mcDongle-Bootloader found”, to know how to find it check the guide.

5.- Click the “Filter by Serial Number” checkbox and enter the 8-character hexadecimal value serial number found on a sticker on the device. You can also leave it as a wild card (“00000000”) to detect any compatible device automatically. (Note: If multiple devices are powered, it will connect to the lowest value serial number).

6.- Browse and locate the desired firmware image. The file format must be a .bin file. Ensure the device that you want to load is powered off and click “Search Device” for the program to scan for the specified device.

7.- Power cycle the device that has to be updated to put it into the bootloader mode. Bootloader mode will stay for 5 Seconds after power cycling. If mc-OTA Updater has found a compatible device, “Start Update”, “Erase mcScript” and “Cancel” button will be Enabled and device information will be shown.

9.- Click “Start Update” to initiate the firmware update. The progress information will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

10.- When update has finished the Device automatically disconnects and runs the new version of firmware.

11.- You can double check if the device has the desired firmware by putting the mc-OTA Updater to “Search Device” mode again and power cycle the device. When it detects the device again it will re-populate the updated Device information.


Now it’s time to start with Ubidots & mcThings using your mc-Module and mc-Gateway. We provides you an easy access into the Internet of things world.

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