Have you ever wanted your variables to be classified in a specific range: low, medium, high, maybe? Or, to know the percentage of variables across scale?  

After opening your Ubidots account, go to Data –> Dashboards -> and choose a specific dashboard you wish to work with. 

Then, create a new widget, by clicking the "plus" icon in the upper right corner of the page: 

When choosing variables to control, keep in mind:

  • You might want to choose the same class of variables since they will be classified in the same data ranges - compare apples to apples.  
  • The pie chart displays the latest readings, it doesn't take in account readings in a range. 
  • Remember: the pie chart widget answers the question what percentage of variables are in the range X?

For this case, we will control the energy consumption of 2 machines whose variables in Ubidots are called Power

Begin by selecting the variables you want to display in the pie chart and title the separate categories, set your ranges, and color association for each range category.  

In our example, 50% of machines are under performing realizing that their energy outputs are low.

Now it's your turn to create pie chart widgets to visualize, range, and scale your variables' data readings. 

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