You might want to create new dashboards when adding more and more devices. You could create a template, which is a great solution for scaling up visualization. Another -and faster- solution is duplicating a current dashboard, to immediately connect a single new device. Here is how it's done.

First, open your Ubidots or Ubidots for Education account and go to Device Management -> Dashboards and choose the dashboard you want to duplicate. 

Then, in the submenu -below the main menu, click the copy icon. 

Then, a pop-up will show up. You should accept.

Now, you should choose the device you want to use for the duplicated dashboard.

Check that the variables are applicable for the dashboard; To be able to duplicate widgets, the variables of the selected Device must have the exact same API Label of the Variables of the original Device. In this case, both Machine 1 and Machine 2 contain variables' API labels called Current and Voltage. And choose a name for the new dashboard. 

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