The fatbox G3 is a reliable and rugged certified industrial IoT Gateway designed in Australia & built in the USA by Amplified Enginering, allowing you to connect any industrial device to the cloud in just a few hours. 

This gateway works under a Linux environment, which can be programmable if it's desired, allows you to cross-compile existing C codes tutorials, as well as Python & LUA function libraries to execute data corrections and minimize network data to the cloud to deploy local automation. Using as LTE/3G as connectivity type for remote deployments, as well as Ethernet or Wi-Fi for local deployments. 

Thanks to all the features offered by the fatbox G3, plus the multiple industrial protocols supported such as MODBUS, TCP/RTU, CAN bus, Serial (RS485/232), BLE and Zigbee this gateway is suitable to collect industry 4.0 data, monitor and control remote assets, local sensor data pre-processing, connect CAN bus devices to cloud, high bandwidth mobile connectivity and more. To get in depth details, refer to the official documentation here

To learn how to integrate the fatbox G3 with Ubidots, check this quick start guide  and start building your end-to-end IoT solution to explore the opportunities of growth in the Industry 4.0.

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