Having different users interact with dashboards and URL specific for your Ubidots powered Apps is your competitive advantage in data access and restrictions. For example, in a brewery, an Ubidots account administrator might want his/her operators to have access to specific dashboards for daily machine uptime, but not the building's HVAC system as this is data for best serving the Maintenance team. With Ubidots' User Management features, you can create Users and give them direct access to your Apps with your Ubidots Domain. 

In this article we will explore the different aspects of Ubidots User Management feature and how your can: 

  1. Create Organizations
  2. Create and Assign Users ("end-users") and Devices
  3. Customize Group permissions

To begin, let's discuss some Ubidots platform logic: 

An App is the foundational structure with a user's Ubidots account and can house different Organizations and Users. Different Apps allow Ubidots Administrators to brand or white-label two, or more, applications to be accessed by different end-users. All Ubidots accounts begin with a single App. To add a second App to your account, please request one in the Apps section of your Ubidots Admin Account

An Organization is a sub-division of an Ubidots App into different Users, Dashboards, Devices, and Events. An Organizations can be conceptualized as different companies, specific departments within a business, different IoT devices and their data, or each Organization as its own specific but separate end-user. Using Ubidots User Management the administrator of an Ubidots account can parse out Organizations based on their own business or App design needs. After all - with Ubidots - the user is the IoT and Cloud App developer and designer.

1. Creating an Organization

First, open your Ubidots account and go to Organizations from your main navigation bar. Then select "Add organization," giving your new Organization a title upon creation. With the new Organization created, you can now assign devices, users, users groups, and usage limits using each option in the now available left-hand organization menu.

2. Create and Assign Users and Devices

  • From your Organization screen, select and open the Organization you wish to work with. 
  • Then select to edit Users or Devices from the left-hand pane, 
  • Then, create a User, or assign an available device to the Organization.
    *if you cannot see the Device you wish to assign, it may already be assigned to another Organization.

Create a User

From the Organization menu, select Users and and then select "Create user." Assigning the required user ID, valid email, and password. These credentials are assigned by the App’s administrator and can be modified, as needed, by this administrator only.

After assigning credentials for the new User, Ubidots will ask which level of access this user should receive. Some default permission Groups have been provided, but new Groups can be created and edited to your App's specifications as well. 

  • Explorers: can create, edit, view, and delete dashboards and events. They can view the devices, variables, and values, but can't edit or delete these. 
  • Viewers: can view dashboards, devices, variables and their values, but can't create, edit, or delete them.
  • Dashboard viewers: can only see data dashboards of their organization. 
  • Managers: can do everything an admin can do, except creating, editing, or deleting users.
  • Create your own: using Groups, you can custom create user access permissions as you see fit.
  • Administrator: the default user of Ubidots who assigns user management roles. Only one username and email can be associated with an Ubidots account as an administrator. If you wish to change the Ubidots Administrator, this is where it can be done. 

Editing a User

For a quick adjustment to a User's permissions, you simply delete any permission Group assigned to the User using the little "x" displayed in the top right of each user's Group assignment. 

Assign a Devices

To do so, in the organization's left pane menu choose Devices. A popup like the one below will appear with all the connected devices associated with an account, select one or multiple devices to add to an organization. You can choose as many devices as you want for a particular organization and its users.

3. Customize Group permissions

To customize permissions for any User, you must first assign the User a Group of permissions. To create a new Group go to the Groups section of your Organization Menu, just below Users.

When editing permissions, you will see the "✓" next to any enabled permission.  When an "X" is visible, the permission will not be available to the users assigned to this Group. 

Check out the video tutorial below for additional assistance in creating Users and assigning permissions in Ubidots.

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