Ubidots works to provide all its user a solid platform to develop and deploy connected solutions with reliable data retention, display, and management. To maximize the self-support model of Ubidots' application enablement platform, Ubidots has put in place a set of internal Support Standards and Resources to foster your development.

Table of Contents

  • Levels of Support
  • Support Resources
  • Communication Standards
  • Who am I speaking with?
  • Service Level Agreements

Levels of Support

Level 1: Self-Service (24 hours access)
Level 2: Ubidots Email and Chat Channel (24 hour response time)
Level 3: Ubidots Phone and On-site Support (Scheduled)

Ubidots is a developer friendly platform powering 1,000s of self-built connected solutions. Ubidots comprises of two fully separate development environments Ubidots for Education and Ubidots for Business. Ubidots' support team is here to assist in the development of a connected solution, but Ubidots Support is not a form of free development, private firmware troubleshooters, or hardware design consultants. If a request or question for service exceeds the standard operating abilities of the core Ubidots platforms (Educational or Business), the user will be directed to a Pre-sales Specialist to receive a custom development quote. If a question or request exceeds the knowledge base of the agent responding the inquiry, the agent will redirect the user to a more appropriate resource for additional assistance. 

Support Resources

I have a question, where can I turn? Ubidots has a multitude of self-service resources available to help troubleshoot and often solve Level 1 and Level 2 support inquires. 

  • Help Center - a listing of 200+ articles, tutorials, updates, and more to help guide your development and troubleshoot possible hangups along the way.
  • API Reference and Documentation - Ubidots API references contains details on communication protocols, data transmission setups, plus application design and integrations. 
  • Devices Libraries - a list of 50+ device integrations and libraries proven successful on the Ubidots platform.
  • Ubidots Blog - an Ubidots powered resource for up-to-date Ubidots happenings including IoT industry research, trends, and develops.
  • Community Forum - a community guided support network to help diagnose and resolve open issues relating to the Ubidots development platform.
  • Community Projects - a open resource powered by Ubidots' partner Hackster.io which provides a plethora of connected solution tutorials, setups, and deployments.
  • Terms of Service - standard reading materials describing you, your, data and how Ubidots will handle the relationship between users, data, and the organization Ubidots and its IP. 
  • Privacy Policy - standard reading material describing data collection, sharing, and policy changing.
  • System Status - resource to ensure uptime and reliability to customers with Ubidots powered connected solutions. 

Communication Standards

Ubidots as an organization has devoted itself to quality support. And as a cornerstone to Ubidots support we strive to have any and all support tickets that are opened responded to within 24 hours of receipt. Below are some standard means of communicating with Ubidots and its team with some expectations and services standards to ensure Ubidots provide a best-in-show service for all of its customers.  

  • In-App Chat Channel - Ubidots' in-app chat channel is available to Educational and Business users. Located in the bottom right-hand corner of Ubidots web based applications and website, the in-app chat channel is monitored with regularity between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm EST and frequently over weekends and holidays. All support tickets raised via the in-app chat channel will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. Ubidots also works to maintain a median response time of fewer than 30 minutes across any given 5 day work week.
  • Email Support Expectations - Ubidots' Team is available to Education and Business users by email at support@ubidots.com and sales@ubidots.com. Emails received at these inboxes are monitored with regularity between 8:00 am and 6:00 PM EST. Emails will be responded to a quickly as possible, often adhering to the same 24 hours response time from an Ubidots employee, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Social Media Replies - Ubidots communicates with Educational and Business users over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Although these social media resources are utilized for communication, the in-app chat channel and email are recommended for prompt service requests. 
  • Community Forums - Ubidots' Community Forums is an open network of information with ranging topics and inquiries for both Education and Business users. This is a Community driven resource which Ubidots monitors regularly providing feedback within 24 hours of a post being submitted. 
  • Blog Replies - Ubidots Blog is a avenue to learn facts, trends, and happenings relating to the Internet of Things. Blog notes are typically not related to Support and are therefore monitored on an as-needed basis. Replies to any inquires received on Ubidots Blog are responded on a weekly basis.
  • Phone Conferencing - Ubidots for Business customers can request phone support or receive 24 hour phone coverage as determined in a mutually agreed Service Level Agreement. Phone conferencing is restricted to Ubidots for Business customers only and depending on the scope and complexity of the support, could be identified as Private Consulting or Training and invoiced accordingly. Should a user's request or inquiry require consulting fees, the user will be notified and asked to accept any charges prior to the service or support being provided.
  • In-person/On-site Trainings - Ubidots will provided In-person or On-site Training and Development to Ubidots for Business and privately contracted clientele. Private services and on-site training can be requested by email with service fees beginning at $1,000 per day. 

Who am I speaking with?

  • Commercial Agents and Pre-Sales Engineers: Intended to assist to the user to solve any kind of commercial doubts related to our business core, including custom development estimations. 
  • Hardware Engineers: Intended to assist the user to solve doubts about hardware libraries usage, API related inquires, or minor integration inquires with Ubidots' partner's products and services. The Ubidots engineer is not required to support the development of code for a any device, the custom routines of a device or code, CAD designs, nor similar.
  • Software Engineers: Intended to assist users in any issue related to Ubidots' core Educational platform or Ubidots core Business platform. Data reception, widgets visualization, app bugs and similar will be addressed by the Software engineers.
  • Operations Agents: Intended to assist in the the above support roles to overcome any administrative or customer happiness inquires. 

Service Level Agreements

Ubidots for Business works with its clients IT and OT departments to reach mutually agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Because different organizations have different exceptions, each SLA is a custom designed agreement to adhere to certain policies and expectations ranging from phone-support to 99% uptime. Any failure from Ubidots to adhere to the agreed upon SLA will result in a breach of Agreement and a 10% monthly invoice credit will be applied to the customer's account for that month. If a more distinct SLA is in place, the terms of the SLA on the account supersede the contents of this article. For any inquiries related to SLAs and or the development of an SLA with Ubidots, please reach out to Ubidots' team by email.

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