Thank you for using Ubidots for Business! We hope you enjoyed the experience and have found value in the point-and-click development and integration platform we have been able to support you with. If you have built something great and do not want to loose it, simply add a valid form of payment to your Ubidots for Business account and your account with be reactivated immediately. All users are automatically enrolled as default Developer Plan, or when fitting, the most economical monthly plan to fit the size of your deployment. Below you will find some common questions to help address some of the upfront questions we all have when opting-in or opting-out of a monthly payment plan.

My Free Trial Has Ended - What now?

Common Questions and Answers

My Account is Deactivated - How do I reactivate it?

To continue developing with Ubidots for Business after the 30 Day Free Trial has ended, a valid form of payment must be on file. Billing is run on all accounts in the first 3 days of each month, after which you will be able to download an Invoice form your profile and billed according to Plan and Add-ons, including any overages. Take me to where I can add my credit card and Reactivate my account.

What happens to my account if I do not continue?

All Ubidots for Business Trials continue to collect data for 30 days past the final day of the trial. Ubidots understands holidays and vacations do not always coincide with a 30 Day Trial so we do not penalize you and Ubidots foots the bill for the extra 30 days. If you want to pick up your development 2 weeks after you trial has ended, no worries; you can do so freely once your account has been reactivated. See above for how to reactivate your account.    

How much is Ubidots for Business?

Ubidots for Business is a great way to launch an IoT application in any vertical. As Ubidots asserts its intention to support users from production to deployment, we believe in flexible pricing to best fit a mutual benefit between Ubidots and the customer. As different business models exists, so too are the capabilities of Ubidots' pricing. Beginning with the $20 per month Developer Plan, businesses and developers can begin their innovation.
Take me to Ubidots For Business Pricing

To receive a custom quote for your IoT application, please contact Ubidots Sales and let us know the intended size of your deployment and a quote will be provided promptly.

What is the difference between Plans?

Different Plans in Ubidots allow for breakpoints in pricing based on the size of an account. The larger your deployment, the lesser the price per device. Ubidots was built to help you scale and in doing so, our pricing model supports these goals as well.

All Ubidots for Business Plans come with an "Included" number of devices. Developer Plan: 10 Devices and Industrial Plan: 400 Devices. Any devices that exceed the included number of devices will be charged on a per device basis with breakpoints of $3, $2, $1, and $0.6 per device depending on your Plan size.

What if I have a device count between Plans?

If you want to deploy a set number of devices that does not fit perfectly in one of our packaged Plans, your account will be charged based on the "additional device" breakpoint according to your Plan size. See above for additional comments on breakpoints. 

It is recommended to take advantage of the breakpoints and overage charges to keep you monthly billing affordable. If you wish to deploy 100 Devices, it is more affordable to own an IoT Lab Plan and pay the overages (40 extra devices (40*$2) = $80 + $99 = $179 compared to $499 for Industrial Plan. Conversely, if want to deploy 40 Devices, it is more affordable to own the IoT Lab Plan vs paying the overages of a Developer Plan + 30 additional devices. Run the math when joining Ubidots and elect the best Plan to fit your needs.

How will I be billed?

All billing for Ubidots is run in the first 3 days of each month with an email Invoice issued for each client and their credit card or PayPal account processed the same day.
If you would like to know about alternative billing options, please contact Ubidots for additional information.

When will I be billed?

All billing for Ubidots is run in the first 3 days of each month with an email Invoice sent to each client and their credit card processed same day. 

How many Devices are included in my Plan?

Developer: 10 Devices*
IoT Lab: 60 Devices*
Industrial: 400 Devices*
Scale: 5,000 Devices*
*All devices that exceed the "included devices" count will be charged based on the "additional device" price for each plan. See above in difference between Plans for more details on breakpoint device prices per plan. 

How many Variables can I have in each Device for Ubidots for Business?

Ubidots for Business devices are all a calculation of 20 Variables per device. Business licenses are priced based on the number of devices active on the platform. Sometime applications call for a single device to have as many as 50-100 variables and therefore each device in Ubidots is a multiple of 20. 

15 Variables per Device = 1 Device
25 Variables per Device = 2 Devices
80 Variables per Device = 4 Devices
81 Variables per Device = 5 Devices

How many Dots are included in my monthly Plan?

Developer and IoT Lab 

  • 10 Million Dots per Month*
    Any dots to exceed these counts will be billed at $3 per 1,000,000 extra dots sent/received.

Industrial and Scale Solutions

  • 100 Million Dots per Month*
    Any dots to exceed these counts will be billed at $3 per 1,000,000 extra dots sent/received.

Can I extend my trial?

It is not standard practice to extend a Ubidots for Business trial. If you wish to continue developing with Ubidots for Business before your solution or POC is complete, the Developer Plan was created precisely for you.

Can I export my data with my account deactivated?

In order to have the functionality to export the entirety of your data via CSV you need to have an active business license of at least IoT Lab.

How can I get my Data now that my account is deactivated?

Deactivated accounts can no longer be accessed without reactivation. Please initiate a support ticket with in order to request your data and a member of Ubidots will assist as best they can. Not all data is subject for retrieval and any request for Developer Plan data extraction will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

How can I cancel my Ubidots for Business account?

If you ever want to cancel or delete your Ubidots for Business account you may do so freely from the User Dropdown in the top right corner of your application.
Select "My Profile" and at the very bottom of the page you will find "Delete my account."

How can I get more help?

If this list of questions and answers did give you what you needed. We encourage you to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns. You can reach us by email at or or via the In-App chat channel found in the bottom right of all Ubidots for Business users accounts.

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