Since the ESP8266 was announced, the maker world got so excited by its small size and cost. For just $5 USD a chip, you get WiFi connectivity, processing and storage capabilities to power any Internet of Things project.

As makers ourselves, we try to get every new piece of hardware that's out there (sometimes we even get them for free :) so when we got our first ESP8266, we wrote a tutorial about it:

But the excitement around it was even bigger when we found that the Maker community had created a project to make it Arduino-compatible, allowing it to act as a stand-alone Microcontroller with WiFi capabilities (see "This $5 Microcontroller with Wi-Fi is now Arduino-Compatible").

So thanks to the contribution of the user "TyTower" we put together a second tutorial using the ESP8266 as a standalone module.

At the end of this tutorial you will have a cloud-enabled MCU + WiFi for just $5 USD! That really sounds like IoT.

Note: In both tutorials you'll still use the Arduino IDE. The difference being that in the second tutorial you do not need an Arduino board.

Originally Published in Ubidots Blog June 16, 2015

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